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Michael Zelehoski


Michael Zelehoski creates flat, abstract compositions from found, three-dimensional objects. By disassembling and inlaying this material into a phenolic plywood background, Zelehoski at once preserves the integrity of the original object and reinvigorates its aesthetic significance. In all of Zelehoski’s work, there is an Escher-esque quality in the impossibility of their dimensions; real objects exist in an artificial space. By amalgamating two and three-dimensional space in this manner, the artist’s found material appears to jump simultaneously into and out from the picture plane without conforming to the laws of physics that govern our three-dimensional world. Zelehoski’s work multiplies the otherwise singular reality of objects – spinning together inextricably the noumenal and phenomenal, and demonstrating the latter as something with the potential for infinite variations.
Michael Zelehoski lives and works in Beacon, New York.  His work resides in private and public collections around the world, most notably in the Musée National d’Art - Centre Pompidou in Paris, which acquired his 40 ft. piece Open House in the spring of 2015. The artist and his work have been written about in The New York Times’ T Magazine, ARTnews, Hyperallergic, Design Milk, and World Sculpture News, among many others.  Zelehoski recently exhibited in a solo show at Backslash Gallery in Paris and a group exhibition at Montserrat College.