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Koen Delaere


Koen Delaere begins his paintings by modeling acrylic into a ribbed texture on the canvas.  He then applies his materials – oil, acrylic, enamel and gouache – to the surface by striking the top section of the canvas with a brush. The rest is left to chance: the paint naturally drips, runs and splatters downward across the neat, clapboard-like geometries, mixing with other colors and settling with gestural bravado. The repetive and sustaining gestures balance the other more improvisational elements. Delaere's canvases capture the process of their own conception; they document every one of the artist's actions, whether intentional or not. Because of this transparency, the works retain a sense of becoming even as they hang completed on the wall.

Koen Delaere lives and works in Tilburg, Netherlands.  His work is included in many notable private and public collections around the world, including the Centraal Museum (Netherlands), Dordechts Museum (Netherlands), CCA Andratx (Spain), Instituto Buena Bista (Curaçao) and the Rabobank Art Collection (Netherlands), among others.